Stephen Lunt

Stephen is the Founder and primary content writer of Scrabble Checker.

Author Bio

I'm a huge fan of word games and Scrabble in particular. Having played Scrabble for almost 10 years since childhood, I've nearly got 1000 games under my belt (only included those I've kept track of, it may be a few more).

I created Scrabble Checker to share my experience of the game with players who maybe new and rely on word checking style websites this one. I love making educational style material for players and my hope is the content on this site makes the game more enjoyable for people and brings new players to the community.

Favourite Scrabble Word

My favourite word to play is Zax, when I'm lucky enough to pick out both the Z and X tiles. It's a great word as it often takes people by surprise once they realise just how many points in can score (especially on multiplier squares).

It's defined as a tool for cutting roofing slates and has the same meaning as the word "zex".

Best Scrabble Play

My best Scrabble play to date was creating the word Monazite in the bottom left corner of the board across two unused triple word squares.

It was a bingo move that played off an existing "T" tile on the board, thus scoring 261 points + 50 bonus points, bringing the total turn points to 311. Safe to say that same game turned out to be my best to date all thanks to one word.

How to get in contact with me

If you wish to contact me, view our contact page for details on the best way to reach out to me.

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