How many Scrabble words are there?

This question was answered on 13 Nov 2023 by Stephen Lunt

It depends on the dictionary

The number of Scrabble words depends on the dictionary you’re using as a reference. The two main word lists used are TWL (Tournament Word List) for North American players, and SOWPODS (now called Collins Scrabble Words or CSW for short) for international players.

As of 2023, the TWL has over 192,000 valid words, while Collins Scrabble Words list has over 279,000 words. These lists are updated periodically to include new words, so the exact numbers can change with each new edition that is released.

Number of words by length

Below is a breakdown of the number of words in the SOWPODS by their length. Figures are rounded to the nearest 100 where appropriate.

  • Number of 2-Letter words: 128
  • Number of 3-Letter words: 1,300
  • Number of 4-Letter words: 5,600
  • Number of 5-Letter words: 13,000
  • Number of 6-Letter words: 23,000
  • Number of 7-Letter words: 34,300
  • Number of 8-Letter words: 42,200
  • Number of 9-Letter words: 43,000
  • Number of 10-Letter words: 37,700
  • Number of 11-Letter words: 29,600
  • Number of 12-Letter words: 21,500
  • Number of 13-Letter words: 14,700
  • Number of 14-Letter words: 9,700
  • Number of 15-Letter words: 6,100

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