Can I play words anywhere on the Scrabble board?

This question was answered on 4 Nov 2023 by Stephen Lunt

Unfortunately not. Words in Scrabble must be connected or hooked onto another word on the board. This is set out in the official game rules.

The only exception to this rule is for the first word played, which must instead cross through the centre square. This may limit your options at the start of the game but will score double points for the lucky player who goes first.

My top advice is to aim to play a strong first word, this will set the tone for the remaining game and make play easier. This is essential for novice players who may struggle to expand off a difficult first word during later turns.

Secondly, do not forget it is possible to draw a bingo word during the first turn. It is easier to play a bingo early on in a game as the board is free to play with no blocking tiles. So always check your tiles before rushing to play!

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