Stay up-to-date on the latest updates and new features of Scrabble Checker.


Site wide migration

11 October 2023

  • We have been busy working to migrate Scrabble Checker to a new technology platform to provide a better website for users and faster experience. The first stage of this process has now gone live.

New word tool - Bingo Practice

02 September 2023

New word tool - Bingo Finder

31 August 2023

New sidebar layout

23 July 2023

  • We're trailing a new sidebar to show additional content on our site. It's now live on the home, word finder and word pages.

Navigation changes and bug fixes

17 July 2023

  • Changes to the top menu and footer navigational bars.
  • Bug fix to address issue with page scrolling.

Rate our content

13 July 2023

  • We've added a simple form to our word pages and blog posts, so you can easily send us feedback about our content.
  • We also made some minor accessibility improvements.

Word Lists and Structured Data

11 July 2023

  • Minor changes to the structure of our word list pages.
  • New structured data added across the site.

New Colour Theme!

09 July 2023

  • A new colour theme has landed on the website and most importantly it now supports dark mode. Perfect for playing Scrabble at night.
  • The colour mode can be toggled from the menu bar.
  • If you have any feedback or see any bugs with the new theme please contact us.

Word Pages and General Improvements

08 July 2023

  • Small design and wording change to individual word pages.
  • Accessibility improvements to site forms.
  • Site wide bug fixes.

Word Search - Filter By Length

03 July 2023

  • Additional functionality was implemented for our dictionary word search tool to enable users to filter by the word length.
  • Improvements where made to error messages for the word search.
  • The HTML sitemap for individual word page have been removed.

Site Layout Changes and Site Move

18 June 2023

Today we made exciting changes the design and layout of the website and migrated to a new domain (scrabblechecker.com from scrabble-checker.app).

Full changes include:

  • Redesign of all main pages - dictionary checker, word finder, word search, word lists, and game tracker.
  • Redesign of all blog pages.
  • Introduction of blog categories.