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HOWDY is valid in Scrabble for 15 points

  • Yes, HOWDY is an acceptable word in the Scrabble dictionary.
  • It scores 15 points when played in Scrabble.

About the word HOWDY

Howdy is a five-letter word worth 15 points in Scrabble. It's an acceptable word to play in Scrabble games across the US, Canada, the UK, and the remainder of the world.

This valuable word is commonly used as a casual greeting in the southern United States meaning hello – but is also commonly used throughout the world today. Some synonyms of howdy include "Hi", "Hello", or "Hey" to name a few examples. Similar sounding words include “Howdying”, “Howdah”, and “Howdie”.

Howdy in Scrabble is a rare word due to its combination of high-scoring letters such as “H”, “W”, and “Y”. This can make it difficult for players to form out of their letter tiles due to the unlikely nature they'd have all the required high-value letters. However, those fortunate enough to make this word benefit from its high score.

The word “Howdy” played on a Scrabble board


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Points Value

HOWDY is a 5-letter word made up of the letter tiles H: 4, O: 1, W: 4, D: 2, Y: 4. Its points breakdown is as follows:

  • No multipliers: 15 points.
  • Double-word square: 30 points.
  • Triple-word square: 45 points.

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