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JEDI is valid in Scrabble for 12 points

  • Yes, JEDI is an acceptable word in the Scrabble dictionary.
  • It scores 12 points when played in Scrabble.

About the word JEDI

The word “Jedi” is acceptable to play in games according to the Scrabble dictionary. It scores a total of 12 points, mostly thanks to the “J” letter tile.

Jedi’s meaning and definition is a member of the mystical knightly order in the Star Wars movies who use the power of the Force for good. An example sentence is: “Luke Skywalker was a powerful Jedi who defeated the evil Empire.”

The only way to extend Jedi in Scrabble to score extra points is with an “S” tile. This turns the word into its plural version, “Jedis.”

May the force be with you during your next Scrabble game.

The word “Jedi” played on a Scrabble board


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Points Value

JEDI is a 4-letter word made up of the letter tiles J: 8, E: 1, D: 2, I: 1. Its points breakdown is as follows:

  • No multipliers: 12 points.
  • Double-word square: 24 points.
  • Triple-word square: 36 points.

Single Letter Extensions

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