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Is “Op” a Scrabble Word?

Yes Op is valid in Scrabble for 4 points

The word Op is commonly used as a shortened version of the longer word "operation", such as a medical surgery procedure. It has further meanings, such as being short for the word "operator" and a style of art.

The word Op is acceptable to play in Scrabble and worth a total of 4 points. As "P" can sometimes be a tough letter to play in Scrabble, we like this short word as it enables players to play the letter more simply if they do get stuck with it.

Op can be extended to make words like "Opera" and "Open", or reversed to make the valid word "Po".

Definition of Op


  • An operation.
  • An amateur radio operator.
  • An operator on IRC, who can moderate the chat channel, ban users, etc.


  • To promote (an IRC user) to an operator.


  • Initialism of Overall Position.
  • Initialism of online pharmacy.
  • Initialism of opposite prompt; stage right,


  • Initialism of opening theme.


  • A lookout or vantage point


  • The credits shown at the beginning of a film, TV program, etc.


  • Any ester of phosphoric acid or its derivatives, especially one used as an insecticide or herbicide.

Definition from op by Wiktionary, used under CC BY-SA 4.0.

The word Op played on a Scrabble board
The word “Op” played on a Scrabble board. Credit: Scrabble Checker.

How Many Points is Op Worth?

Op is a 2-letter word made up of the letter tiles O: 1, P: 3. Its points breakdown is as follows:

  • With no multipliers, Op is worth 4 points.
  • On a double-word square, Op is worth 8 points.
  • On a triple-word square, Op is worth 12 points.

Single Letter Extensions of “Op”

Potential ways to expand “Op” using a single letter include:

Words With “OP”

Words containing “OP” at the start, middle, or end include:

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More 2 Letter O Words

2-Letter O words which you could play in Scrabble as an alternative to Op:

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