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ZAX is valid in Scrabble for 19 points

  • Yes, ZAX is an acceptable word in the Scrabble dictionary.
  • It scores 19 points when played in Scrabble.
  • noun — A tool, similar to a hatchet, used to prepare slate for roofing.

About the word ZAX

Zax is a three-letter word in Scrabble worth 19 points and is acceptable for players to use in their games.

It is a type of tool used for cutting and punching holes in slate or roofing materials. Some synonyms for Zax include “hatchet” and “axe”. In a sentence, you could say "Could you hand me the zax please Bob".

Zax is a less common word due to its use of the rare letters “Z” and “X”, but it can be a valuable addition to your Scrabble vocabulary. “Zax” can also be played by hooking a “Z” onto the word “Ax” or an “X” onto the word “Za”. Zax can be extended with an “es” to make “Zaxes”, so keep an eye out for these winning combinations during your game.

The word “Zax” played on a Scrabble board



  • A tool, similar to a hatchet, used to prepare slate for roofing.

Definition from ZAX by Wiktionary, used under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Points Value

ZAX is a 3-letter word made up of the letter tiles Z: 10, A: 1, X: 8. Its points breakdown is as follows:

  • No multipliers: 19 points.
  • Double-word square: 38 points.
  • Triple-word square: 57 points.

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