2 Letter Words Containing M

A curated list of words to play in Scrabble.

2 Letter “M” Words

This list contains all 2 letter Scrabble words containing the letter M that are valid in the dictionary.

  • Highest scoring: the highest scoring two-letter H word is tied between Hm and My, each worth 7 points.
  • Lowest scoring: there are a total of 9 two-letter H words which score only 4 points. These are all combinations of the letter M and an additional vowel. Some of these include Ma, Me, Mo and Um.
  • Unique word: Mm worth 6 points is an intriguing word which uses both the available M tiles in Scrabble. It has multiple meanings such as an abbreviation for millimetre, the Roman numerals equal to 2000, or an abbreviation for a million.

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M” Words Worth 7 Points

M” Words Worth 6 Points

M” Words Worth 4 Points

This page was last updated on 10 Jul 2023.

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