3 Letter Words Containing A

A curated list of words to play in Scrabble.

3 Letter “A” Words

This list contains all 3 letter Scrabble words containing the letter A that are valid in the dictionary.

  • Top-scoring: Zax for 19 points, a tool for cutting roofing slates.
  • Lowest-scoring: Air, Lat, Oat, Sat, Tar, Tea, Ate, Eat, Ant, and many more. The lowest-scoring three-letter A words are only worth 3 points.
  • Unique word: Qat, worth 12 points. It’s defined as a shrub whose leaves are used as a mild stimulant which is common in Arabian countries.

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A” Words Worth 19 Points

A” Words Worth 15 Points

A” Words Worth 14 Points

A” Words Worth 13 Points

A” Words Worth 12 Points

A” Words Worth 11 Points

This page was last updated on 10 Jul 2023.

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