3 Letter Words Containing Z

A curated list of words to play in Scrabble.

3 Letter “Z” Words

This list contains all 3 letter Scrabble words containing the letter Z that are valid in the dictionary.

  • Top-scoring: Zzz is worth a total of 30 points thanks to the triple Z combination. It is used to represent the sound of somebody sleeping or snoring.
  • Lowest-scoring: Zen, Zit, Zoo, Tiz, Zee and many more. They are the lowest-scoring three-letter Z words, but in comparison to other letters still fetch a high score at 12 points each.
  • Expert advice: the highest-scoring of the Z words aren’t always as they appear on the surface. For example, “Zzz” as I discussed above will never score you 30 points. This is because the tile distribution in Scrabble only allows for one Z character. Consequently, the remaining Zs must be made up of blank characters which score 0 points. This caps Zzz’s score down at only 10 points, shockingly lower than the lowest-scoring Z words I listed above. So watch out for words containing more than one Z.

See the full list of Scrabble words below.

Z” Words Worth 30 Points

Z” Words Worth 21 Points

Z” Words Worth 19 Points

Z” Words Worth 16 Points

Z” Words Worth 15 Points

Z” Words Worth 14 Points

Z” Words Worth 13 Points

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