5 Letter Words Containing Q

A curated list of words to play in Scrabble.

5 Letter “Q” Words

This list contains all 5 letter Scrabble words containing the letter Q that are valid in the dictionary.

  • Top-scoring: officially the top-scoring word is Qajaq, however as this uses two letter Qs it requires a blank tile to substitute one of the Q’s knocking the score down to 20 points. Consequently, Squiz becomes the highest-scoring 5-letter Q word at 23 points. It means to look or glance at something or someone.
  • Lowest-scoring: the lowest-scoring 5-letter Q words are worth 14 points in total. Some examples include Queue, Quart, Quiet, Squat, and Quote. It’s worth noting that 14 points is still a strong score in Scrabble and that’s thanks to the valuable Q character.
  • Unique word: Qophs, the 19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It’ll score players 19 points and uses the Q, P, and H tiles.

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Q” Words Worth 18 Points

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