7 Letter Words Containing F

A curated list of words to play in Scrabble.

7 Letter “F” Words

This list contains all 7 letter Scrabble words containing the letter F that are valid in the dictionary.

  • Highest-scoring: many of the highest-scoring words in this category have two Zs, thus meaning they require a blank tile. This limits the word’s potential as blank tiles always score 0 points. Consequently, Zinkify and Zombify are the top-scoring 7-letter F words at 26 points. Meaning to coat in zinc and to change into a zombie respectively.
  • Interesting fact: there are approximately 3000 words in Scrabble which are 7 letters long and contain an F. Probably more than you originally thought right?
  • Unique word: Yuppify for 20 points is a word which means to make something more formal or upmarket, derived from the word yuppie.

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F” Words Worth 37 Points

F” Words Worth 31 Points

F” Words Worth 30 Points

F” Words Worth 29 Points

F” Words Worth 26 Points

F” Words Worth 25 Points

F” Words Worth 24 Points

F” Words Worth 23 Points

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