Scrabble Word Search

Search the dictionary for words that start with, contain, or end in specific letters.

How to use our word search

To get started, you'll need to fill in one or more of the word search boxes above.

Here is what each one means:

  • Starts with: will search for words starting with the letters you entered.
  • Contains: will find any words containing the letters entered here.
  • Ends in: will search for words ending in the letters you enter.

You don't need to fill in all of them. It's up to you if you want to use just one, two, or all three fields.

Helpful tips for the word search

  • The best way to use this tool is by entering letters from your tile rack or existing words played in your game.
  • You can search for individual letters all the way up to complete words, or just prefixes or suffixes. It's entirely up to you!
  • To get more fine-grained results, fill in more letters for us to match against.
  • Results are order from the shortest word to the longest word. This is because the shorter words are the closest match to your query.
  • We can show a maximum of 1000 results per search, please refine your search to be more specific if you exceed the limit.

Our word search is a powerful tool for finding words to play in Scrabble. Therefore, we recommend you only use the search tool in games when agreed with your opponent(s) and never in a competitive Scrabble setting.

Looking for something to solve word anagrams? Our Scrabble word finder is the perfect match.

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